About Us

The sole aim of starting this blog is to make Automobile simple for everyone to understand. Personally, I am a digital marketer so this is also project of my own where I plan to implement my learnings and grow this website organically (ONLY ORGANICALLY). Of course, I am still learning while I do this but as the saying goes, ‘You either win or you learn’. Either this blog will become extremely successful or I will start another project and put all my experience into it so the probability of success goes higher & even after that the cycle goes on & on until I become decent enough at this skill. 

You might be thinking there is Autocar, CarDekho & hundreds of other way more popular websites in the same domain, then why this? Well, everyone starts from scratch and reach where they are through determination, persistence and sheer strong will to make something successful. Whatever happens, this is something that I will always call “My Own”. 

You can reach out to me here: Contact Us