The Bounce Infinity e1 – All You Need to Know

What is Bounce Infinity e1?

Bounce Infinity e1 is the latest addition to India’s growing portfolio of electric scooters. As the Indian consumer base has begun accepting the transit from the traditional IC engines to electric motors, the options of electric scooters on offer has seen steady growth and that is where the Bounce Infinity e1 is introduced. Bengaluru based scooter rental startup Bounce Infinity acquired the company, 22motors, which had partnered with Kymco to produce electric scooters with the swappable battery technology which eventually never made it to the Indian roads. Post the acquisition, Bounce Infinity has launched its all-new electric scooter, the Bounce Infinity e1 to be India’s first electric scooter with battery swapping technology! With an attractive European style design, sporting smoother curves in its body than the sharp cuts and lines and is equipped with better features while being priced very aggressively!

Battery Swapping on Bounce Infinity e1

The highlight of the Bounce Infinity e1 is the battery swapping technology on offer. The scooter comes equipped with a ‘battery as a service’ option wherein the customer either chooses to purchase the scooter with its battery and charger or may opt to subscribe to a battery that can be swapped at their convenience. Bounce infinity plans to have a dedicated battery-swapping station set up in order to facilitate the process of replacing the batteries on their scooter. The company has the vision to develop the largest network of battery swapping stations across the country with stations placed as near as 1km from each other for customer convenience and in turn bring down the running costs on the Bounce Infinity e1 by nearly 40% in comparison to regular scooters. The Bounce Infinity e1 shall be the first scooter to possess this feature, one which is soon to be tested by Honda as well and will be especially handy for those who have difficulty at charging their electric vehicles at their homes or offices. 

Bounce Infinity e1
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How do you Book a Bounce Infinity e1 Scooter?

The Bounce Infinity e1 is available for sale and can be booked now through their official website by paying a basic booking fee of INR 499 with deliveries expected to commence from March 2022. The Bounce Infinity e1 has been launched at a price of Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the variant which includes the battery and charger for ownership and for Rs 45,099 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the variant which requires a battery subscription charged at Rs 850 or Rs 1250 depending upon the choice of subscription plan chosen. The battery swap feature also will come with a price of Rs 35 per battery swap, with further details about the subscription process to be revealed by the company soon. Prices for the Bounce Infinity e1 shall vary across different states in accordance with the subsidies on offer by local state governments with Gujarat having the lowest price of Rs 59,999 and the highest price ranging up to Rs 79,999 for states without subsidies on offer. 

Bounce Infinity e1
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Features on Bounce Infinity e1

The Bounce Infinity e1 sports a digital LCD display for its speedometer and other vehicle details and comes packed with a good list of features for a vehicle at this price point. The scooter can be connected with the user’s smartphone via the smart app provided by Bounce for scooter tracking, charging details and geofencing. Furthermore, the Bounce Infinity e1 also brings in reverse gear which may come in handy, although the scooter is fairly light at just about 94kgs curb weight. The Bounce Infinity e1 consists of two driving modes, Power and Eco to make the ride far easier. Bounce has also added a new drag mode to the scooter in case of a puncture where the rider wishes to pull along the scooter at walking speed to get the tyre back to normal. It also sports cruise control and a tow alert for further improving the convenience of the rider.

The Bounce Infinity e1 shall be available in five exciting colours Sporty Red, Sparkle Black, Pearl White, Desat Silver and Comet Grey which can be chosen in either a glossy finish or a matte one upon the user’s choice. The Bounce Infinity e1 sports a
2kWh lithium-ion battery which comes with a claimed range of 85km on a full charge, which requires approximately 4-5 hours with a regular charging socket. The company claims that the Bounce Infinity e1 can clock a speed of 0 – 40 kph in flat 8 seconds and possesses a top speed of 65 kph which is fairly good for a scooter in this range. With disc brakes for the front and rear wheels as well as EBS (Electronic Braking Stability) and regenerative braking, the scooter has good handling along with its features thus making for a very handy combination. 

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Bounce infinity e1
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Is Bounce Infinity e1 the best electric scooter?

It is fairly difficult to call the Bounce Infinity e1 the best electric scooter. To begin with, the Bounce Infinity e1 offers a claimed range of 85kms after 4-5 hours of charge, whereas other electric scooters such as Ola, Ather or Simple with fast charging as well as a range of over 125 km or more. Build quality and the quality of features could also have been improved, however, the biggest advantage held by the Bounce Infinity e1 is that it is priced far below its competitors while also providing the option of a swappable battery and thus the Bounce Infinity e1 does make it among the best electric scooters presently on offer.

Our Word

Fuel prices are skyrocketing, expenses are rising and keeping up with the daily chores certainly requires a two-wheeler for quick and seamless mobility, and with all these factors in consideration, owning an electric scooter may well be among the most efficient choices a person would make. And with all-electric scooters with good performance and features costing between Rs 80,000 – Rs 1,00,000, the Bounce Infinity e1 is the pick of the electric scooters, with the price range starting from Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom Delhi) and as low as Rs 45,099 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the swappable battery version providing a good list of features, this making this a highly feasible option. How well Bounce Infinity is able to deliver on the promises they’ve made, that needs to be seen, however, the Bounce Infinity e1 is undoubtedly an exciting prospect to check out, once the deliveries commence!

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