What are the reasons for Hyundai’s success in India?

Why is Hyundai so popular?

In an era where Maruti Suzuki had high dominance over the Indian automobile market along with renowned brands such as Premier, Tata, Hindustan motors, etc there entered a company that brought about a revolution. Ever since its inception in 1998, Hyundai has been the power player in the Indian automobile segment. As the Korean automaker set up its first plant in Tamil Nadu in 1996, they launched their first car, the Hyundai Santro which took the country by storm. A boxy yet classy design, superior drivability, comfort and convenience all packed into a budget made the car an instant success. The Hyundai Santro went on to become among the most successful cars of all time. Bolstered by the love Santro received, Hyundai launched two cars to enter the sedan segment, the Accent, for people on a lower budget, and the Sonata, the luxury sedan between 1999-2001. Ever since then, there has been no turning back for Hyundai, as year after year, their portfolio diversified into a wide range of cars, and presently, Hyundai SUVs such as the Creta, the Alcazar, the Venue are having a good presence in the market,, sedans like the Verna and in hatchbacks, among the most popular cars in the market, the i20, Grand i10. 

Along with their attractive vehicle lineup, Hyundai had Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassador which certainly struck a chord with the people. To add another feather to their cap, Hyundai has always had excellent resale value, as their cars return nearly 60% of their purchase price even after 2 years, further building a level of trust among Indians. With the country’s obsession over a product being value for money, Hyundai certainly stood up to the mark and hence, even at the time when liberalisation brought about many foreign companies in the country, the people had accepted Hyundai as one of its own, owing majorly to their variety, affordability, drive quality and undoubtedly, its impeccable marketing strategies.

How did Hyundai become successful?

While Indians have always appreciated a car being family-friendly, Hyundai cars have been the perfect companion for this ideology. Initially, Hyundai was all about space, comfort, economy, and as the years progressed, today Hyundai is not just a car for the budget owners but also for the ones who choose sheer luxury. Present-day Hyundai cars come loaded to the brim with excellent features, right from wireless charging, front-seat ventilation and top-grade safety features across all its variants, Hyundai has transformed into a brand satisfying everyone’s needs, especially a Hyundai SUV. Hyundai has eye-catching styling and a design language that sets their cars apart which when added to their exhaustive feature-list, great affordability and comprehensive service as well as warranty set up, makes these cars an irresistible option. Hyundai has been further validated as its cars have been recipient’s of not just once, but six awards as the Indian Car of The Year (ICOTY) for their i10, Grand i10, Elite i20, Creta, Verna and Venue thus showcasing the love they’ve received from the people and hence, Hyundai cars do take the upper hand when buyers gear up to purchase a car for their homes. 

How did Hyundai become so successful?

Why did Hyundai discontinue their models?

Although Hyundai has been one brand that has seen a highly positive graph for their success rate across two decades, there have been certain shortcomings as well. These have led to Hyundai discontinuing certain models such as their entry-level hatchback, the Hyundai Eon, which was termed to be unsafe and faced ample backlash for the same. Further on, Hyundai Sonata also couldn’t work well with the people, who believed that while paying for a luxury sedan, owning a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord became a far more convenient and luxurious option. The Hyundai SUV, the Tucson, was launched in 2004 in India which failed. The car was way ahead of its time and did not have the power to attract customers its way owing to its hefty price tag as well as the shortage of the bold SUV stance or power in its engine as provided by the likes of Tata Safari, Ford Endeavour or even the Mahindra Scorpio. The Hyundai SUV, the Terracan also failed miserably over Indian shores.

However, Hyundai does aim to relaunch the Tucson back in this coming year for the people as it’s expected to get a drastic makeover in its new version. Among other cars that have failed from Hyundai one can count Hyundai Xcent as well. Although it did score a large number of sales, especially in the aggregator cab section, being a compact sedan the Xcent, being derived from its earlier successful model the Accent, was fairly low on build quality as well as features and was totally run down by its competitors. Hence owing to a poor run, Hyundai did discontinue their models smartly to ensure the legacy of the Hyundai badge remains associated with successfully running cars in the market. 

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Which Hyundai car is the best?

Presently, Hyundai is certainly among the leading automobile manufacturers in the country and has a plethora of cars for its user base. With a wide range of SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks, Hyundai has everything on offer that a customer seeks. However, the one car that does stand out from the Hyundai SUV collection is unquestionably the Hyundai Creta. The power-packed Hyundai SUV, with luxurious features, unmatched performance, superior build quality as well as drive comfort together. The Hyundai Creta price is placed at Rs 10.22 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the entry-level variant and going up to Rs 17.93 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the top of the line variant of this Hyundai SUV which is ultimately feature-loaded as well as high on technology, this Hyundai SUV makes for a segment dominating offering. Hyundai does have a lot on offer presently as they’ve added to their portfolio, the Kona electric as well for the transition towards EVs, a dedicated N-line version for their popular i20 as well, it is certain Hyundai does have the best car for every segment looked at by customers and hence makes for an interesting buying choice. 

Are Hyundai cars better?

Our Word

One look at all the car’s on offer by Hyundai and undoubtedly, this makes for among the most exciting brands in automobiles. Backed by an electric vehicle offering, a new sporty line for their models coming up, as well as superb choices for every segment on offer while being a reliable brand, offering various engine choices between diesel and petrol along with the flexibility of choosing between an automatic or a manual gearbox, with excellent after-sales support, and a pleasant driving experience powered by the choice of a seven-seater Hyundai SUV (The Alcazar), Hyundai is among India’s favourite automotive manufacturers.

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