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Mahindra in India

Right from its inception in 1945, Mahindra and Mahindra has been India’s pride in the automobile industry. Along with its subsidiaries, Mahindra and Mahindra caters to a wide customer base, including buyers of trucks and buses, tractors, two-wheelers and regular four-wheelers. Being one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production in India, Mahindra has uncovered ample milestones while venturing through the Indian markets, and with the present ideology of making India far more reliant on electric vehicles as an act of conserving the environment, Mahindra’s motion in the segment shall certainly be interesting! Tata Motors has already begun making giant leaps in developing electric vehicles as well as in ramping up infrastructure suiting the EVs, Mahindra may be the biggest competitor in the electric segment bringing a wider range of choices for the people with the addition of Mahindra electric cars!

What is the Price of Mahindra Electric Car?

Presently, we have just one Mahindra electric car available in the market, the E-verito, which is the electric version of Mahindra’s sedan Verito, however, this car hasn’t received the success it would have expected, with a charging duration of 11 hours for a full charge and a range of just about 140 km, the price tag of 10.53 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) post-subsidy as well doesn’t do justice to the car’s performance. Mahindra had launched an electric car named e2o as well, and that had to be withdrawn from the market due to massive failure by lack of sales and a change in safety regulations thus leaving the portfolio of Mahindra electric cars without an EV as an offering.

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Mahindra electric cars
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Is Mahindra Launching Electric Car?

After no Mahindra electric car fared well in the market, even after being among the first to enter the electric vehicle industry, Mahindra and Mahindra are working to enter this segment once again with the aim to establish its presence more firmly among buyers. Fuelled by an investment of Rs 1700 crore, of which Rs 500 crore have been allocated specifically for a new research and development centre called, Global Electric Vehicle Technology, the portfolio of Mahindra electric cars is expected to be growing manifold by the year 2025. Among the range of new cars are to be added to the list of Mahindra electric cars, the electric versions for the eKUV100 & eXUV300, both of which have been popular among the people in their traditional IC engine variant, and can be expected to boost sales when they arrive in their electric motor form paired with new-age features as well high performance. 

Similar to Maruti Suzuki though, Mahindra also does not feel the need to rush into the electric vehicle segment, Mahindra’s executive director expressed the idea of launching nearly
16 Mahindra electric vehicles by the year 2027 which is actually a long way into the future, by which time the electric vehicle market shall be filled with options from other automakers settling into the minds of the consumers already. Although not instantly, but by 2025-2027, Mahindra does seek to develop a large base of EVs by adding at least 16 more cars in the range under a new brand name as well focusing only towards the sales of its electric vehicles, some being derived from their existing band of cars while the others being developed entirely new as an electric vehicle. 

Not just cars, Mahindra plans for electric vehicles in the three-wheeler passenger segment such as the Mahindra Treo, the E-rickshaw, to be bringing about a change in the system of public transport protecting the environment. There is intent, there is the focus, however, how far will Mahindra electric cars be a success will be a story that only time shall tell.

Mahindra electric cars
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Mahindra Electric Car Price

Initially, among the core reasons for Mahindra’s failure while producing electric vehicles has been their high pricing without ample features supporting the tag, hence now Mahindra’s prime focus must be an appropriate pricing strategy along with quality. Mahindra is expected to price the eKUV100 for a starting price at Rs 8.25 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) which positions the car as among the cheapest in its segment, as a powerful hatchback with great features and drivability while the plan for the eXUV300 is to be priced somewhere between Rs 13-18 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) which turns to be a fair price for a compact SUV. Judging by these estimates, the overall pricing of the newly launched Mahindra electric cars will be priced keeping the idea of the purchasing decisions of the buyers from the budget segment.

Our Word

Mahindra & Mahindra have all the potential and technology to ensure that Mahindra electric cars soar high in sales and bring great profit to the company. With India planning to depend more on electric vehicles for transit in the next decade, the more the variety, the better it would be for consumers. Before that, however, Mahindra electric cars need to overcome the issues they faced the first time they ventured into the electric vehicle segment, such as their prices as well as a choice of vehicles that can be appreciated well by the buyers. That being said, the next five to seven years may well find a good variety of Mahindra electric cars dominating the streets of the country as Mahindra strives to be a reckoning force in the manufacture of electric vehicles thus aiding sustainable development whilst encashing the avalanche of opportunities held by the EV industry.

Mahindra Electric cars
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