MG ZS EV – Eco-Friendly Luxury

The Need for Electric

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the buzz among automobile enthusiasts. They’re highly efficient, non-polluting, consist of a silent motor and bring a high level of convenience and ease to their owner. The Government too has been highly supportive of the transition to an all-electric automotive range in the upcoming decade seeing as pollution levels are scaling new highs, along with fuel expenses being unreasonably expensive too it has been the need of the hour for people to find an alternative option to not just conserve the environment, but all save up on their expenses. 

Hence the competition to bring the best electric car on offer has been very stiff among car manufacturers across the country. There are quite a few options for consideration from automotive giants such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Jaguar and many more. However, Indian consumers did seek options that would have price tags in a far more affordable line, and that’s where the competition becomes open with new electric vehicles entering this segment. Tata Motors, Hyundai, Morris Garages, etc are all in for making a mark in this segment. And that’s where Morris Garages bring to the consumers their offering for the pure electric car segment.
The MG ZS!

The Pure Electric Internet SUV

Tagged to be India’s first pure electric Internet SUV and starting at a price point of 21 Lakhs, the MG ZS is a car that simply stands out. Designed to appeal to both the youth as well as the elders. Adding to the magical touch the ZS sports a breathable logo up the nose of the exclusive front grill which glows to indicate the vehicle is being charged. The car is well equipped with racing tail lights that resemble the seven stars of the Ursa Major constellation and the classical London Eye shaped headlamps with LED DRLS bringing a touch of the car’s British genes! And with MG providing a decent ground clearance of 177mm one can say this car is well suited for the bumps on the Indian roads. Paired with these attractive exteriors is the large panoramic sunroof which covers nearly 90% of the roof of the car thus bringing to the cabin an airy and bright ambience. The all-new ZS also comes with enhanced tyres, 215/55 R17 machined alloys, which are inspired by the classic Dutch windmills which not just add to the style quotient, but also allow significantly less vibration bringing a higher level of refinement in your drive.

MG ZS EV India
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Charging & Maintenance

The main hassle though behind the purchase of an electric vehicle remains its charging. India does lack electric charging infrastructure and MG has taken good care of this situation. The ZS comes equipped with a 44.5 kWh hi-tech battery which is also backed by an IP67 water-resistant rating thus putting the customer at ease if they’d be worried about the vehicle in the rainy season. And to top this up, MG has installed super-fast DC chargers as well as fast AC chargers at their dealerships across many cities in the country. The DC chargers can charge up the vehicle up to 80% in a claimed time of 50 minutes and this service shall be made available 24 hours. For further assistance to the consumer, MG shall be installing an AC fast charger at the residence of the owner entirely free of cost as well as provide a portable charging cable for the ZS which fits into any 15A socket bringing in 100 % charge in nearly 16 hours thus being a piece of protective equipment for consumers travelling to remote cities with the car. On a full charge, MG claims to provide a range of 419 km which does indeed be fairly decent. 

MG ZS EV India Range
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As another advance in providing superior customer service, MG also provides 24/7 roadside assistance including mobile charging support which can be available in the case of an emergency. For those who’d have servicing or maintenance related woes MG has provided a 5-year unlimited warranty program for the ZS, which caps 1.5 lakh Kms within 8 years for the battery with the first 5 general services for the vehicle being entirely free from labour charges at the official MG service centre, the ZS brings to the customer a complete sense of peace of mind post-purchase.

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Safety & Environment

As much as the ZS may be equipped with top-notch features and style, safety for passengers makes a key component in the consumer buying decision for any automobile. This is where MG soars high! The ZS scored a superb 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Of course with safety being a top priority for engineers at MG they’ve loaded the car with as many as 6 airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and EBD, tyre pressure monitoring system on the infotainment screen along with hill descent control, an electronic parking brake and heated orvms among its many valuable safety features. The ZS also houses an eco-tree challenge wherein over the app one can track the levels of CO2 emitted by their car to get further motivation to lower down pollution for the environment.

Our Word

The MG ZS ticks all the boxes on the consumer’s car-buying checklist. The car sports an attractive look, luxurious interiors which are backed by supreme build quality as well as high on technology, being India’s first internet SUV with an electric motor, excellent safety systems and after all among the most important factors. The promise of good after-sales service with a proper warranty and an IP67 rating for the battery to make the process of owning a ZS a relaxing affair. Yes, there are certain points for MG to address starting with a decrease in the ground clearance, or adding up more efficiency in the motor to increase the range, these can be also termed as nit-picking and the MG ZS most certainly become a highly attractive package for an automobile enthusiast transiting from owning the traditional petrol/diesel car to a pure electric vehicle. And the highlight being such a feature-packed and efficient car bringing an elegant feel comes at a highly attractive price starting at Rs 20.88 lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi which happens to be far lower than its premium counterparts and well worth a higher price than other entry-level EVs in the market. Hence, The MG ZS EV is the car to look out for when you’re in the search for an electric vehicle for an end-to-end driving experience!

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