The All New Mini Cooper SE Electric

Do Mini Coopers come in Electric?

India has seen substantial growth in the electric vehicle segment with more people switching over from IC engines to electric motors. However, the majority of the customers choosing to opt for an electric vehicle presently belong from an elite financial background, thus the luxury electric vehicles on offer have been at rapid growth. With Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Porsche already having announced their arrival with their launches, we now have an all-new car entering this segment which spices up the competition for these cars! The all-new Mini Cooper SE electric. The Mini Cooper SE electric is being brought in as a complete built-up unit (CBU) presently, and only 30 vehicles were allocated for India before its launch on the 24th Of February 2022 of which all of them are now sold out. Priced at 47.20 lakhs (ex-showroom, India) the Mini Cooper SE Electric will be available in one single variant with four vibrant colour options, and the deliveries of the vehicle shall begin from March 2022 for the first batch post which new bookings shall be open to customers. 

The Mini Cooper SE Electric Exterior

The Mini Cooper SE electric resembles the Mini Cooper 3-door hatchback in many ways, however, certain styling elements do distinguish the facelifted electric version that comes to India from the earlier 3 door hatchback such as the larger front grille and bumpers, the absence of an exhaust pipe and the new bright yellow accents across the car’s silhouette to add to its appeal. The new Mini Cooper SE electric brings modern futuristic appeal along with the classic Mini Cooper’s traditional looks all tuned well together, thus making the car bring an exquisite look to Itself. The Mini Cooper SE electric stands 15 mm higher than the IC engine 3-door hatchback and also comes with the classic Union jack themed tail lamps traditional to Mini cars making the car highly attractive. The 17-inch electric power spoke alloy wheels again with the yellow accent lines, as well as the attractive colour options available for the Mini Cooper SE electric such as White Silver, Midnight Black, Moonwalk Grey and British Racing Green all add to the charm of the car’s visual appeal!

Mini Cooper SE Electric
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Inside the Mini Cooper SE Electric

The interior is where the Mini Cooper SE electric becomes all the more interesting to the buyers. The cabin brings the classy British style feel with immense attention given to the build quality inside the Mini Cooper SE electric. The car comes loaded with the exclusive Mini Electric interior surface, with the right mix of cloth as well as leather upholstery. It sports an all-new multifunction steering wheel, wrapped in Nappa leather reducing the controls from the centre console. As a first for Mini, they provide a 5-inch digital instrument cluster hosting all important information of the vehicle for the driver which is superbly paired with the 8.8-inch touch screen infotainment system housing all major vehicle controls as well as apple carplay paired with Harman Kardon surround sound system. Mini has introduced a new toggle switch for the multi-level braking system present on the central console adding to the ease of driving while behind the wheels of the Mini Cooper SE electric. In addition, Mini has provided a glass sunroof, tyre pressure monitoring system and sports seats among the large list of handy specifications thus making the cabin of the Mini Cooper SE electric plush with amenities! 

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Mini Cooper SE Electric
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What is the Range of the Mini Electric?

Among the key factors on the purchase of an electric vehicle remains its battery, at which the Mini Cooper SE electric has only a moderate impact. The claimed range of 270 km on a full charge does tend to be on the lower side as compared to other luxury electric vehicles. The Mini Cooper SE electric houses a 36.2 kWh battery for its electric motor which generates 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque. It comes equipped only with a front-wheel-drive variant thus it can sprint up to 100kph in 7.3 seconds with a maximum speed of 150kph which again, is slower compared to its competitors. Mini claims to have focused on creating a balance between comfortable city driving as well as performance-oriented driving on the highways and hence have engineered the car to be a convenient ride rather than an entirely sporty experience. The battery on the Mini Cooper SE electric supports a fast charger of 50 kW at which it can be charged from 0-80 % in flat 36 minutes while the regular charging set up (11 kW) wall-mounted unit can charge the car up to 80% in about 150 minutes and to a full charge in approximately 210 minutes. The Mini Cooper SE electric also comes paired with a 2-year manufacturer warranty for its battery for unlimited kilometres to ensure peace of mind for its customers. 

Mini Cooper SE Electric

Our Word

The Mini Cooper SE electric entering into the market spices up the competition well, with the best part being that priced at 47.20 lakhs (ex-showroom, India) the Mini Cooper SE electric is the cheapest luxury electric vehicle on offer. However, this can also be a bane for Mini as it is still priced around Rs 22 Lakhs higher than the MG ZS electric vehicle which has nearly similar features on offer and also belongs from the premium segment. The range on the Mini Cooper SE electric is also a shortfall for the car as India still has an undeveloped charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and at 270 Kms of range, it might be a cause of concern for buyers alongside the top speed of 150kph. That being said, however, the Mini Cooper SE electric has great potential, with stylish exteriors, luxury interiors and a well-balanced performance for city drives as well as long trips on the highway, the luxury electric vehicle segment is certainly the one to watch out for as new entrants continue to intrigue customers!

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