Nissan Magnite vs Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger

Nissan Magnite, Tata Punch & Renault Kiger are here to capture the most popular compact SUV market from major players like Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. India has clearly become an SUV market! Back in the early 2000s, owning an SUV was only for those with a big family, or who needed lots of luggage space. A decade down the line and a smaller yet large segment came into the picture, known as the mid-size SUVs, the era dominated by the likes of Hyundai’s Creta, or Maruti’s Brezza among others which expanded the people with the ambition of owning an SUV. Once these big bulky cars entered the market for common people, the demand grew more, thus giving rise to the Compact SUV segment. These are miniature in size compared to their elder siblings yet sport a tough and bold stance, with good ground clearance, muscular looks, sharp features and the power of an SUV all packed within a budget range as well, making these cars among the most lucrative buys on offer. Among these compact SUVs, there have been three cars that have caught the eye of car enthusiasts, Nissan’s Magnite, Tata’s Punch and Renault’s Kiger.

Nissan Magnite vs Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger
Source: Nissan

The Magnite has been Nissan India’s revival car in the country, as Nissan has been fairly down on sales for quite a long time. The Magnite is loaded with features and also comes through with extremely low prices thus has picked up a good amount of popularity among buyers. 

The Kiger boasts of a coupe-like design and brings a high ground clearance and smart roof rails to make the car look very attractive, to add with Renault has ensured the car to be high on technology fronts too thus stirring up the competition in this segment fairly well.

The Punch has been recently launched and has undoubtedly made quite a stir in the markets, as it surfaced as India’s safest SUV scoring high at the Global NCAP test, along with riding high on stability as well, this car is highly awaited by buyers too. Within 12 days of launch, it has become Tata’s 2nd best-selling car.

Tata Punch 2021 Blue
Source: The Financial Express

Design & Built

The Magnite sports a large front grille with LED headlamps and DRLs, a good amount of chrome all around, 16-inch diamond-cut alloys and attractive roof rails to make the car look like a bulky sporty SUV. Also, the Magnite possesses a 205 mm ground clearance and LED split tail lamps thus adding to the overall charm of the car.

The Kiger brings a macho appearance along with it, the dual-tone exterior with the shark fin-shaped antenna, LED headlamps and DRLs along with LED taillamps too. The car has the same ground clearance and alloy wheels as the Magnite as well as have a similar size thus making it a very close call between these two SUVs.

The Punch makes for the smaller car among these in dimensions, also has the lowest ground clearance of them all at 190 mm only, yet it does stand out as a pure SUV. With stylish roof rails, the signature Tata grille and an attractive dual-tone exterior with slit-shaped LED DRLs, the Punch also reminds us of the Nexon, which happens to be a class higher. The Punch misses out on LED headlamps, as it is fitted with projector lamps but does get LED tail lamps and attractive badging at the front and rear while having 16-inch alloy wheels. 

All in all, The Magnite and The Kiger remain a step ahead in styling when compared with Tata Punch. 

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Nissan Magnite vs Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger
Source: Renault

Features & Tech

Magnite and Kiger both bear 8-inch infotainment screens which house all functions of their respective vehicles, with android auto and apple carplay as well. Looking at the overall features, Tata Punch gets tech from a class above, with the top of the line variant housing rain-sensing wipers, auto headlamps, cruise control, various drive modes along with IRA technology for an interactive driving experience, Nissan Magnite too has ample features engaged to provide the driver with a pleasing experience such as a 360-degree camera, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), in addition to smartphone connectivity and a digital instrument cluster. Renault’s Kiger does fall a little bit short of its competitors, however, it still has all the features to cater to its driver’s needs including various drive modes, automatic climate control aircon with an air filter as well as ambient lighting with good seat cushioning to relax the passengers. 

All three cars have been loaded with safety equipment, while the Punch is India’s safest SUV, the Magnite secures a 4-star rating at the ASEAN crash test as well while the Kiger too brings a good list of safety equipment. Of all the three cars, the Kiger consists of the largest boot space at 405 litres, while the Punch falls a little short at 366 litres, Magnite holds the smallest boot space by having a capacity of just 336 litres. Interiors would be a close call to pick, however, the Punch has brought in comfort and luxury together in its features, while the Kiger can do a little better post a facelift.

Nissan Magnite vs Tata Punch vs Renault Kiger
Source: Renault

Under the Hood

Tata Punch boasts of the most powerful engine of the lot, its 3-cylinder 1.2-litre engine can dish out 86 hp of power while the Magnite and the Kiger with engines of smaller displacement bring in only 72 hp of power. However, happy addition to these two vehicles remains the turbocharged petrol engine option which can then generate 100 hp of power and around 160 or 153 Nm of torque which changes as per the type of gearbox chosen.

All the engines are mated with 5-speed manual gearboxes as standard, while the Punch and Kiger get an AMT option as well, the Magnite gets the CVT option only on its Turbocharged petrol engine variant and not the normal one. All the cars miss out on the diesel engine option while the petrol motors present on the Renault and Nissan are far more refined than Tata’s revotron petrol engine. The choice of the turbocharged engine option does make Tata Punch the weaker unit compared to the Kiger and the Magnite. 


This happens to be the most competitive part about these three SUVs, as all the carmakers have made good use of the price back between 5-10 lakhs. Tata Punch starts with 5.49 Lakh while the top of the line variant costs 9.09 Lakhs. Renault’s Kiger starts at 5.64 Lakhs for the entry-level model with the top-spec variant costing 10.09 Lakhs while Magnite makes for the most expensive choice of the lot, priced at 5.71 Lakhs for the base model and 10.15 Lakhs for the high-end version. By price point, Tata breaks the psychological barrier of having priced their top variant under at just Rs 9 Lakhs, while providing excellent segment-leading features as well hence attracting the customer’s attention fairly well, whereas the offer of the turbocharged engine on the top-spec versions of the Magnite and the Kiger is sure to tilt the balance back in their favour thus making a price based choice a very difficult one for a buyer and can only be chosen upon individual needs from the car. 

*(All prices are Ex-showroom Delhi)

Our Word

Each one of these SUVs has had the competition very closely knit together, by having a large feature list, a good amount of space, and the power and performance of an SUV.

Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger have a far closer deal, with nearly similar features, outer looks, and driving performance along with having the difference of just about a few thousand in their pricing, the choice between these two can rely more on the buyer’s preference for the looks or their choice of interior design, otherwise, these two cars have a very strong case in this segment.

Tata Punch makes for the most attractive buy, to drive around the city and for occasional highway trips. It brings together the best technology, highest safety measures, powerful engine performance as well as comfort all at the lowest price range. 

Hence, among these three car choices, our pick would certainly be Tata Punch. You can also check out our detailed word on the Punch, and do let us know which car you would love to choose among these in the comment section below!

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